At the R&D department at AerotechTelub Information and Media, we have carried out a study on new ways to search and present information to different user categories. The result of this study was a browser with a new interface - a new XML browser. The project originated in developing the next generation of spare parts catalogues for the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (DMA). The solution presented was based on a new user interface comprising a mixture of presenting structure, interactive 3D and text information on the same screen. The 3D-technique that just recently was available only to those with big money and a state of the art computer is now available to anyone with standard equipment. On the way we realised that this way of presenting information gave a clear and easy-to-understand view of the objects described and opened up for a phase 2 of the study. In this second phase the user interface was further developed to allow fast access to all document types (repair manuals, functional descriptions, spare parts catalogues etc) using the structure and interactive 3D for "vertical navigation" and filters for the different document types for "horizontal navigation".