The 20th century Spanish sound history has been preserved in digital format and can now be consulted online through intranet. This is a pioneer project in the broadcasting industry around the world finished in December 2002. The Radio Nacional de España (RNE) sound archive has been massively digitized and several applications to access this information online have been developed. This archive is considered the most important audio archive in Spanish language in the world. Special innovation has been used in four areas: the development of a complex system designed for the supervision of the project defined workflow, the creation of a solution for the massive and automatic importation of the contents in CD format, the definition of an algorithm that maximizes the documental information to be inserted in the metadata file of the documental typology and the usage of information technology longitudinal tape to store the content. Successful team work was implemented by RNE sound archivists, documentalists, audio engineers and IT professionals; IBM Global Services consultants, digitization operators and systems engineers; IBM product managers and sales representatives.