Our main motivation for identifying the metadata present in a collaborative editing service was to offer it through electronic commerce, as we have previously done some work in the definition of electronic commerce of services. In this work we focused in controlling complex services with the help of a workflow [1] for offering them through electronic commerce. Wehave also identified the metadata present in complex services [2, 3] and now we want to go a step further by identifying metadata present in content generated by a specific complex service, collaborative editing of multimedia documents. To help us in doing this identification, we have taken the metadata defined in Learning Object Metadata (LOM) [4] as a startingpoint. In this paper, we show the selection and adaptation of this schema to our needs and also the use we make of this information in the collaborative editing service. The final result of this task should be a new schema, completely addressed to the collaborative editing service. The complex service collaborative editing of multimedia documents has been selected inthis work for its relationship with electronic publishing1.