The OmniPaper project has implemented three information retrieval prototypes in the area of electronic news publishing. One prototype uses SOAP as communication protocol between the central system and a number of distributed news archives. The second prototype uses an RDF metadata database, enabling direct metadata queries to the central system. Finally the Topic Map prototype uses query expansion and semantic linking for smart metadata search. The Topic Map prototype enhances thesearch experience by implementing a knowledge layer that combines the semantic content of a lexical database, consisting of concepts and keywords, with a metadata-set of newspaper articles. The linking between both is currently implemented at the level of keywords but will be developed at the level of concepts in the final prototype. The knowledge layer has been designed from a Topic Map point of view, although the XTM syntax has not been used to avoid performance issues. The consortium’s adopted view on information publishing and retrieval considers querying and navigation as two very related actions that can both be captured under the name “search for relevant information”. Navigation forces the user to followpredefined paths whereas querying enables the user to look freely for a suitable starting point. The query and navigation functionality is provided through a web engine and is build on top of the information structure of the knowledge layer.