The ESCAPE-project aims at extending the existing infrastructure of repositories of scientific publications in such a way that it will be possible to identify, describe, preserve and present aggregations of related objects (documents, videos, datasets, etc.), not necessarily produced by an individual author or group of authors. To this end a repository for OAI-ORE resource maps will be developed as well as an editor for creating and changing resource maps. The repository will be based on Fedora 3.1, reusing its built-in RDF support. The resource maps repository form the basis for the so called Aggregated Publications Environments. These APE's provide a resource map editor and a tool for browsing and searching aggregated resources. APE's will be developed for three research groups involved in this project. For the description of content relations, besides the use of 'Proxy' in OAI-ORE we introduce the 'Relation Annotation' object. This is an object which describes the relationship between two resources.