In this paper we present the e-publishing platform created by and for the Living Reviews project. In particular, we give an overview of the Living Reviews project, concept and publishing model, compare our project to related projects, and present the technical infrastructure used to run the "Living Reviews" family of online journals. We will give an overview of the publishing environment, point out the challenges inherent in distributed editorial offices, and describe the interaction between various user groups and the infrastructure. Based on this description of the environment, we will explain the constituents of the infrastructure and how they evolved. Following the history and detailed description of the constituents we give an overview of further plans within our project and applicability of our particular solutions to other publishing projects. Again on this level of detail, we will compare our solutions to related efforts. We will conclude the paper listing lessons learned from our project. In particular, we will describe the challenge of reconciling the technical and the non-technical divisions of the publishing project and how it was met for the Living Reviews family. While mainly providing a case study, we also hope to point out solutions to publishing problems which may be of general interest, and more importantly make a case for necessary standardization of e-publishing software components. We don't see much scientific value in this venture, but value for the scientific community since we present another epublishing platform to use, provide another set of tools to choose from, give another best-practices description when rolling your own.