In September 2004 the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities (MiBAC) committed to Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa (SNS) the scientific and technical project for the Italian Culture Portal. The project was delivered during 2005, together with a prototype which had the function to verify and test the project's issues and has been provided as reference for the implementation. In 2006 MiBAC selected, through a public competition, the IT company Reply for developing the Portal and Electa Napoli for providing the editorial office and plan. The Portal is now under development and will be delivered during 2007. SNS is presently working as consultant of MiBAC to give support to the whole staff employed in the fulfilment of the Portal and to help in the difficult activity of the mapping of various resources to be harvested and published in the Portal. This paper illustrates the project of the Italian Culture Portal delivered by SNS, describing in particular the solutions adopted for guaranteeing the interoperability, accessibility and usability tasks. One of the main objectives of the Portal is to offer open access to information on the “Italian Culture”, which is a wide, evolving concept comprehensive of tangible and un-tangible cultural patrimony. Resources pertaining to this vast and complex domain are therefore of very different kinds and formats, moreover, they are codified following different schemas. For guaranteeing the interoperability among such cultural resources, a Dublin Core Application Profile has been specifically designed for the Portal. An official publication of this AP is currently under development: it has been recently refined and improved on the basis of the first mapping experiences and is anticipated in this contribute in this updated form.