Following the COAR-SPARC conference in Porto, the COAR Controlled Vocabularies Interest Group met on the 16th of April 2015 and had a detailed discussion about the new set of COAR controlled vocabularies, while proposing detailed actions to solve the remaining issues (mainly in the Resource Type vocabulary). Echoing aspects discussed about sustainability and organization (long-term technical support), as well as dissemination and implementation of COAR controlled vocabularies, the immediate projection of these issues has seemed to be quite feasible on PHAIDRA International long-term ecosystem. Nowadays this OAI-PMH environment consists of fourteen Open Access repositories disseminating their contents to EUROPEANA, OpenAIRE, OAPENLibrary, e-infrastructures Austria, and national CRIS etc. PHAIDRA International is taking all necessary steps to be constantly aligned with Trusted Digital Repositories criteria and harmonized (technically and semantically) in line with COAR Roadmap: Future Directions for Repository Interoperability. The COAR Roadmap stresses that still many challenges remain with improving interoperability. These involve standardization of controlled vocabularies in use, as well as metadata and indicators, in connection with state-of-the-art interoperability approaches supporting Linked Open Data. There is an urgent need for PHAIDRA International to harmonize the encoding description (metadata properties) according to LOD-enabling strategies, and to adhere to multilingual COAR controlled vocabularies" shared registry (Knowledge Base) services. COAR Controlled Vocabularies can be easily implemented in PHAIDRA in fixed formats and mapped to related persistent RDF/SKOS versions.