The research described in this paper provides insights into tools and methods which are used by professional information workers to keep and to manage their personal information. A literature study was carried out on 23 scholarly papers and articles, retrieved from the ACM Digital Library and Library and Information Science Abstracts (LISA). The research questions were: How do information workers keep and manage their information sources? What aims do they have when building personal information collections? What problems do they experience with the use and management of their personal collections?The main conclusion from the literature is that professional information workers use different tools and approaches for personal information management, depending on their personal style, the types of information in their collections and the devices which they use for retrieval. The main problem that they experience is that of information fragmentation over different collections and different devices. These findings can provide input for improvement of information literacy curricula in Higher Education.It has been remarked that scholarly research and literature on Personal Information Management do not pay a lot of attention to the keeping and management of (bibliographic) data from external documentation. How people process the information from those sources and how this stimulates their personal learning, is completely overlooked.