Creating Internet services for a specific auditorium involves technical, organizational and sociological challenges to developers, processes and used technologies. Authoring and distributing recent cultural news, opera schedules, notes to theater visitors or even cultural service maintenance can be handled by modern electronic publishing systems, ideally finding user-friendly solutions to the above-mentioned challenges. Although the Web has greatly improved its level of interactivity within the first ten years of existence, a significant gain in usability and value has been reached by introducing concepts summarized in the term Web 2.0. In this paper we provide an example of on-the-edge technology in managing and publishing culturall contents for Internet services, focusing on content management and workflow management features rom witin the entire software framework concept. We demonstrate, that modern Web 2.0 technologies are well suited to increase the quality of electronic publishing for both the consumers as well as the producers of the content and the service itself by providing rich user experience enhancements at different levels of the content and service management process.