This paper reports on the results of a feasibility study on open access publishing for humanities and social sciences journals supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada's (SSHRC) Aid to Scholarly and Transfer Journals Program. The study is part of a broader effort of the SSHRC to better understand the landscape of Open Access and how best to implement this principle into the current research programs funded by SSHRC. As such, the study was designed to assist SSHRC in making policy and program decisions regarding its Aid to Scholarly Journals Program. In particular, this study focused on the current publishing practices of SSHRC funded journals, with the ultimate goal of understanding the financial implications for these journals if they were to provide open access to the journal content. The more immediate goal of the study was to gain better knowledge of the general level of understanding among journal publishers and editors on the impact of open access and on their scholarly societies' publishing program.