The issue at the heart of this article is an analysis of the actual condition of the publishing sector in Bulgaria and some predictions about the expected directions for its' future development in electronic environment. As the fourth great technique of writing, electronic text becomes unique medium for limitless exchange of human knowledge not only in the old continent, but in the world-wide scale. Background The c-publishing in Bulgaria is not widely spread and most publishers believe that the basic reason for this is financial. In spite of this many publishers show an interest in publishing in the new multimedia, recognising it as a priority type of publishing or intend to produce c-products in the future. What are the facts ? Most Bulgarian publishers (84%) produce only printed materials. 11% - both printed and electronic, and 1% - only electronic products. The book sector in Bulgaria survives with incredible difficulties in spite of increasing amount of private publishers (1.800 in 1998). The first Bulgarian c-publications were on display at the Sofia Book Fair in 1998, but the most of them were produced with foreign participation. Since then private companies showed growing interest in investing in this field and the tendency for future development is positive.