France has a long tradition in the publication of mathematics. The very first “mathematics only” journal in the world, the Annales de Gergonne was published from 1810 to 1831 and several of the foremost current mathematical journals are published in France today. This paper will develop the original work of the “MathDoc” team to make accessible these and other journals, and more generally to promote the electronic publishing of mathematics.MathDoc is a small multidisciplinary team, supported by Université Joseph Fourier Grenoble and CNRS , whose competences range through mathematics, computer science, databases and Information Retrieval to documentation and librarianship.MathDoc is devoted to providing access to mathematical literature in the broad sense.Examples will be given of different applications and projects in the field of electronic publishing and digital libraries.• The NUMDAM archive giving access to over 8000 retro digitised articles:We shall present the editorial and technical choices of the archive, and develop some of its more interesting features such as its hyperlink network.• Front Math for Gallica:The French National Library (BnF) has a great many digitised math documents, in particular the complete works of many remarkable mathematicians. These can be found on BnF’s digital library website. However, the granularity of the BnF metadata is not sufficient to easily find individual papers. The Gallica front-end will be presented.• The « pôle des revues de mathématiques », mathematical journals portal, started in 2005: The aim of this project is to provide a complete electronic publishing infrastructure to several academically published French (and European) mathematical journals, and manage their websites. The main workflow functionalities will be described, and focus will be made on the originality of mathematics publishing as opposed to publishing other sciences.• Seamless web access to digital or digitised math documents (mini-DML):We will describe the aims of the mini-DML project, the required infrastructure, and the technology for providing a one-stop search site for all digital mathematical literature available online.