The Information Retrieval System "Manuscript" that is being developed at the Laboratory of Computer-Aided Philological Research, Udmurtia State University is intended for storing, editing and processing electronic copies of manuscripts. By retaining all the peculiarities of the ancient treasures, the Manuscript system provides a thorough input of texts/manuscripts under study while preserving the integrity of the original electronic copy of the manuscript, text transcription, and transliteration for the purpose of creating reference materials or electronic and printed publications of the original manuscripts. The Manuscript system provides a correct input of texts/manuscripts under study by retaining all essential peculiarities of the manuscripts. Computer-aided processing of manuscripts is done taking into account formal and implicit properties of texts and their fragments. The system allows creating text transcriptions and transliterations, preparing dictionaries, lists of words and other units of interest (syntagmas, fragments) for digital and printed editions. The manuscript digital copy exists as a typed electronic text. A specialized text editor "OldEd" was created to ensure data input and correction directly in the database. It helps the user to work effectively with visualized parts of manuscripts, relationships, their properties and values. The editor represents the edited text in the form of geometrical, linguistic, functional and others hierarchies. In the mode of operation over the text, a text can be edited and divided into fragments. In the mode of viewing the hierarchies, the editor allows creating new units (including texts), viewing, adding and deleting relationships between text and dictionary units and modifying their properties (see for more detail).