The rapid development of digital technology and information networks enables a broad and easy dissemination of digital works and other electronic information. However, once published, it is difficult to control the access,usage, manipulation and distribution of digital materials. The easiness of reproduction of electronic information raises the problem of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). But beyond the necessity to ensure the protection ofdigital information and the associated rights owned by works originators and the various rightsholders, the need to have a full management of IPR is getting crucial. More and more, authors, publishers, fee collectingcompanies, producers, distributors ... are looking for tools which are able settle the utilisation conditions of their works and to provide them with information on the usage made of the works they offer in digital form onnetworks or on CD-ROM for example in order to get the reward corresponding to the exploitation of their works and to better market them. Several projects have been initiated in order to meet the needs related to IPR management. In 1992, the European Commission launched under the ESPRIT Programme, the CITED project (Copyright In TransmittedElectronic Documents) with the objective of defining a global model for IPR management. Based upon the CITED model, C0pySMART represents the industrialisation of CITED.