We describe the Institute for Information Recording of the National Academy of the of Ukraine's experience on the establishment and distribution of scientific/technical information, educational programs, reference information, rare musical compositions reproduced from phonograph cylinders, and databases. Two methods of distribution of electronic editions were analysed: manufacturing of CDs, and application of telecommunication channels. It is expedient to distribute on CDs any information intended for use for a long period of time. On-line use of television computer broadcasts has been used for the Everything for Everybody Electron Computer Newspaper. The newspaper was established and registered in Ukraine in 1991 as a new mass medium. The electronic computer newspaper is broadcast five times a week on the first channel of the National TV of Ukraine, and it distributes up to 60 Mbytes of computer information per session under more than 80 Headings. The use of a television channel for computer data transfer has some advantages compared to other transfer systems: high data transfer rate (up to 1.2 Mbit/s); large data transfer quantities (up to 60 Mbytes per session); simultaneous data transfer to all the users; unlimited quantity of subscribers. Here we also give a brief description of the work on establishment and CD mastering and distribution of data on ethnographic expeditions, including unique phonorecords deciphered from Edison phonograph cylinders.