This paper describes a joint initiative of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) and the Geophysical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (GCRAS) in creation of an online database, which contains currently over 1500 full text papers covering translations into English of five Russian geophysical journals over a two-year period. The use of 100 percent computer-based technology for the preparation of camera-ready copy of translated journal papers provided a starting point for the conversion to electronic by-products such as electronic online versions of journals, with minimal extra production cost. These electronic versions of journals retain all the features of traditional printed-on-paper (POP) publications, while also providing additional features not available in a print format, such as the possibility of producing online abstracts and tables of contents in HTML; of viewing PostScript (PS) versions of each paper using a PS viewer such as Gsview; and of searching papers of interest using the Excite search engine incorporated into the system. Users can copy the paper text in PS or HPGL format. The database of translated electronic journals resides on the experimental server for electronic publishing at GCRAS, Moscow (, and a mirror site installed at AGU headquarters, Washington, DC ( The most recent initiative between AGU and GCRAS is the publishing of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy International (GMAJ), a new AGU journal, in electronic format. The print version of the journal will be a by-product of the electronic version. In publishing this new journal, a more comprehensive technology is used, making it possible to present on screen such elements of scientific papers as heavy maths, interactive graphics, and some other components which can not be presented in ordinary POP journal. The AGU, as a copyright owner, provides to all subscribers access to both the online and POP versions of GMAI. AGU also gives free access to users from Russia, CIS, and Central and Eastern European countries. Statistics on the usage of this World Wide Web site are presented in this article.