The National Committee on Information and Computer Communications Infrastructures has selected a research proposal to conduct a sample project to make the databases of the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) available to the public via the information superhighway. The CBS databases contain a great deal of statistical information gathered over decades about the population, migration, tourism, the economy and economic branches, prices, labour and wages, health, and other topics. This project should assist the CBS in fulfilling its obligations as the agency responsible for publishing official statistics, while meeting world standards set by international organizations such as the International Monetary Fund. From the beginning, the CBS management has understood the importance of the project, which will cause a leap upward in quality and a vast improvement in the timing of publication of CBS data. For this purpose, a steeling team was appointed that includes a management representative, a representative of the Database Division, and a representative of the Information Services Division. These appointments made it clear that information and technology alone are not enough for creating an up-to-date, reliable site; only integration of all components, with backing and support from management, will make it possible for the project to succeed. The team studied the issue by visiting the Web sites of statistical bureau around the world and reading large quantities of professional literature. As a result, several issues were raised that had to be resolved before the site could be established.