This workshop will address the changing role of information and communication providers and users in the e-publishing industry, and their increasingly interdependent relationships. For this purpose, it aims at discussing ways to map both the key drivers of change and the challenges affecting the e-publishing sector through an interdisciplinary strategic context that encompasses economic, juridical, technological and social issues.The international scene reveals the importance of focusing on revenue or return on investment and on developing more appropriate business models, but the innovation approach is still uncertain, therefore it becomes indispensable to identify actors and the changes affecting the labour force, as well as to understand user-behaviour and response to new online products and services; likewise, it is equally important to pay attention to the user as producer of content, for a contextual e-publishing landscape. The session will share knowledge from direct professional experience and collaborative work carried out by ECDC/Infonomics with other EU R&D organisations investigating the major trends in the e-publishing sector. The Infonomics applied cross-disciplinary research approach bridges expertise between communications, information technology, entrepreneurship, economics, sociology, social sciences, e-publishing, and policy-making. Therefore, the workshop is of interest to professionals of the e-publishing industry, e-publishing researchers, knowledge-based market analysts, members of regulatory bodies for digital content production, content creators (authors, researchers, journalists), and end-users of content.