Institutional repositories (IR) represent an innovative solution to many of the challenges encountered in the rapidly evolving world of scholarly publishing, such as open access and the preservation of the growing array of digital content. This workshop is intended to help academic authors, research library and IT directors and their staff plan for the implementation and full deployment of repositories designed to house a diversity of resources, such as articles, data sets, images, video, and courseware.To be presented jointly by a team consisting of a senior programmer, a service co-ordinator and a faculty member, and using the deployment of T-Space (IR at the University of Toronto) this workshop will focus on the technical issues as well as the cultural and management dimensions of establishing a repository. Topics will include:o the technical requirements for establishing and operating an IRo business modelso key policy issueso how institutional repositories fit together with other resources,o including subject based repositorieso how to engage faculty and library staff participationo strategic and resource implications