This workshop will cover both digitisation of mathematical publications and digitally born electronic publications in mathematics. With the rapidly growing activities in electronic publishing, ideas came up to install global repositories which deal with three main streams in this enterprise: storing the electronic material currently available, pursuing projects to solve the archiving problem for this material with the ambition to preserve the content in readable form for future generations, and to capture the printed literature in digital versions providing good access and search facilities for the readers. Long-term availability of published research articles in mathematics and easy access to them is a strong need for researchers working with mathematics. Hence in this domain some pioneering projects have been established addressing the above mentioned problems.Amongst them on European level and world wide we should mention the Digital Library in Mathematics (DLM). For example, in the archiving area as a special project for mathematics, the Electronic Mathematics Archives Network Initiative (EMANI) had been designed. The Electronic Research Archive in Mathematics (ERAM) is a DFG-funded German project dealing with capturing the content of a classical bibliographic service in mathematics in a database, and combining this with the retro-digitisation of selected mathematical publications. This is extended now by further projects which shall try to retro-digitise the national mathematical heritage in several countries world-wide. In particular ideas to cover the Russian publications in a digital repository called RusDLM have been implemented in a project funded by DFG and RFBR. As further digitisation projects the French activity NUMDAM, pursued by Cellule MathDoc in Grenoble, and the European Cooperation in DIEPER have to be mentioned. The workshop is of interest not only to mathematicians, but also to specialists from various scientific domains who face the question on how to organise their electronic publishing initiatives.