The rapidly growing activities in electronic publishing lead to the request to develop global repositories, which care about three fundamental activities: to collect and store the electronic material currently available, to pursue projects for solving the long-term archiving problem for this material with the ambition to preserve the content in readable form for future generations, and to capture the printed literature in digital versions providing good access and search facilities for the readers. Long-term availability of published research articles in mathematics and easy access to them is a strong need for researchers working with mathematics. The talk will describe some new developments for two main projects in this subject: the plan to develop a global World Digital Mathematical Library (WDML or DML) and the main project dealing with a coordinated archiving of digital documents in mathematics, the Electronic Mathematics Archiving Network Initiative (EMANI). For the core of the EMANI network, a co-operational system of reference libraries and content providers like publishers and editors has been be set up. Both systems share a lot of common work packages. Hence discussion in one project have impact on the other. WDML being more comprehensive integrates comments from a bigger group of mathematicians and librarians. EMANI mainly concentrates on obtaining first results for a preliminary core group. This leads to a smaller model, which is working already and may be taken by the groups promoting WDML as a start for a more comprehensive solution for installing the WDML. This report refers to the state of both projects at the end of January 2005 and describes their mutual impact.