Scientific journals are the main form of recording and disseminating results of scientificresearch. After the advancement of digital media, their search, access, and navigation becameeasier and faster. This changes the way readers interact with the content. In this sense, theconfiguration of typography, an essential component of text-based publications, should facilitatethe reading and understanding of the information presented. Thus, this research aimed toformalize an analysis process for the application of typography in papers on electronic scientificjournals. Based on the literature review, an analysis structure was formulated. The analysisidentified the fundamental principles of application of typography as: legibility, readability,spacing and font size and information hierarchy. Subsequently, four electronic papers fromBrazilian scientific journals with different areas of knowledge were selected as objects of study.As a result, a potential application of typography for digital media was identified, but thispotential is not fully explored by the editors of scientific journals nor by the literature dealingwith the topic.