Goteborg University Library has signed a contract with netLibrary providing users on the University's network access to 500 copyrighted electronic books. These electronic books represent "the third wave" at our Digital Library- the earlier waves of resource networking were bibliographic databases and electronic journals. The project is funded by the university board and was started in 2001 after testing and preparations during the fall of 2000. The only realistic alternative for the library was found to be netLibrary. The process started with a collection evaluation resulting in the creation of a list of titles appropriate for acquisition. Negotiations with netlibrary followed and a contract was signed in February 2001. The service was launched over the University's network in March 2001. After the local introduction of the netLibrary electronic books at the library the project work will continue with forming a eBook consortium. A study of other c-book alternatives will also be carried through. The current project will be evaluated on the basis of end-user experience.