With more and more electronic media appearing and popularly accepted, the publishing industry is facing a greater challenge than anytime else before. The only solution to cope with these problems is to extend the traditional publishing to cover both print publishing and electronic publishing business. This paper intends to propose an integrated system solution to assist this transition. Distributed Parallel Multi-channel Parallel Publishing, as one of the outcomes of DIP (Digital Information Processing) project, sponsored by SIT! (Swedish IT Institute) aims to propose a comprehensive solution to cover both paper-based and electronical media publishing, based on advanced distributed software system architecture and fieldrelated up-to-date standards. In the DIP project, the new standard of news industry, NewsML is adopted as the authoring, storing and transforming format. JDF (Job Definition Format) is partly employed to monitor and assist the control of the entire paper-based publishing process. On the aspect of software system architecture. Java- based distributed network technology, Jini, acts as the infrastructure of the system.