Originally established to merely publish electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) as well as postdoctoral theses, the edoc server at Humboldt University Berlin (http://edoc.hu-berlin.de/) has become the service platform for scholarly publications of all types. It is an integral part of the university's information infrastructure which also contains a teaching management system, a virtual library portal, and a media portal. During the past years the edoc server has become the central place for electronic publishing within the university. On the basis of a hosting concept, the Electronic Publishing Group which is in charge of the edoc server also provides its publishing services for external authors, editors and institutions likewise. And being a DINI certified document and publication server, the technological components and the organisational workflows developed for the edoc server exemplify other scholarly publishing servers. As a joint group formed by the Computer and Media Service and the University Library of Humboldt University the Electronic Publishing Group deals with all issues associated with scholarly electronic publishing, including technical, library, and legal aspects. Combining the development of publishing tools and services with its routine operation the group consists of permanent and project funded staff. This paper describes the edoc server at Humboldt University and details on both the technical and non-technical parts of the entire publishing service.