Scientific journals have always been an important tool in scientific research, and the advent of new technologies has fostered their development into e-journals that has brought about new editorial techniques and methods. Thus, e-journals have become the easiest and fastest means to meet the needs of researchers in their research works as the Internet and its services represent a tremendous opportunity for communication, edition and information retrieval. The Algerian 'savoir-faire' in this field has led to the setting up of an e-journals repository with a double experience that has paved the way to using the open source editorial system SPIP. This paper deals with the Algerian experience starting from 1999 by creating a national database for scientific journals that had to be accessible online for the researchers' community. Even if it was relatively underestimated, it encouraged our team to go ahead and look for new tools to enhance the data base, its content and also the web site. After many tests on a few electronic publishing software such as LODEL and GREENSTONE, SPIP appeared to be the best one to meet our needs especially that it includes Arabic. Furthermore, we are keen to start the process of adhering to interoperability international standards in order to make our contents more accessible. In addition, a study has been initiated on the archiving and long term preservation issue, particularly with an XML solution.