This paper will address issues concerning the handling of complex data such as research data, multimedia content, e-learning content, and the use of repositories infrastructures. At the University of Vienna, an ecosystem for digital data preservation and research data management has already been established and will be subsequently be enlarged according to future needs and requirements. in the future. This living digital ecosystem is the foundation for research data management and was implemented from the beginning as a central service according to the FAIR principles as stated in the first HLEG-EOSC [1] report. With the help of ten years of professional experience, a model for digital data preservation was established to address the complexity of heterogeneous data. This was necessary because of different use cases assigned to the interdisciplinary data management team based at the Computer Centre and the Library. The source for the use cases are research projects, their different approach to research and their multifaceted requirements regarding the efficient re-use of data. The usage of this model might be considered as the foundation on which an ecosystem for digital data preservation can be built.