With the intention of highlighting en-claves [in this context, the term en-clave simply refers to exclusive con-centrations of academic development knowledge; ultimately leading to narrow frames for development practice and po-licy] in academic knowledge production, this poster portrays geographic varia-tions in the institutions represented by articles published in the Journal of Peasant Studies and Third World Quar-terly from 2005-2015 via proportional symbol maps. Empirical data was col-lected via the Scopus database. Visua-lizing empirical bibliographic data shows higher percentages of academic publications from institutions located in the Global North. While the chain of academic publication and dissemination is extensive, this map focuses solely on the quantity of academic articles published. These representational ine-qualities can be paralleled in academia and other forms of exchange and work towards deconstructing perpetual struc-tural inequalities.