This text presents a set of reflections about the use of electronic publishing in African countries, as a means of access to scientific information. It includes brief remarks about electronic publishing, their advantages and benefits. The text continues with a discussion about the need to find solutions to the problem of the different degrees of access to scientific and technological information between African and developed countries. This includes greater ease in obtaining online information that can aid in the diffusion of scientific data through electronic publishing, in order to support the development of communities, government and particularly the scientific and academic communities of African countries. Attention is given to the matter of the improved circulation of the results of research projects conducted in African countries. The text also focuses on the attitudes and initiatives related to the improvement of the current status of science and technology in African countries. It also examines existing African electronic publishing, which illustrate the degree of concern about this issue among African leaders and office holders. Finally, a brief discussion about the situation of Angola in the access to electronic information is presented.