The NARCIS portal ( provides access to science information (information about research, researchers and research institutions) and scientific information [(full-text) publications and datasets]. The portal is very popular, with 1.2 million users annually. NARCIS is also an important supplier of information to international services such as Google/Google Scholar, and DRIVER. In 2009 the KNAW conducted a three-part user survey, with two online surveys and a series of semi-structured interviews. The aim was to learn more about the people who use the portal, why they use it and their ideas and wishes for improvements to the portal. Another purpose of the survey was to identify changes that could be made to improve the match between the services provided by NARCIS and the needs of existing and potential users. The surveys showed that more than half of the users of NARCIS are from universities, research institutions or universities of applied science. Most searches conducted on NARCIS are for dissertations. The existence of a single gateway to different types of information is regarded as very useful. The most frequently mentioned improvement in the service would be to provide access to information from other countries as well. Respondents also mentioned the provision of tools for performing complex analyses of the information available via NARCIS as a worthwhile option for enhancing the service.The interviews revealed, among other things, the need for the presentation of information in context and that senior officials are often confronted with information overload. The user survey has led to a series of proposals for modifications or improvements in the service; some of them may be implemented immediately, while others will require consultation at national or international level.