The Journal of Universal Computer Science (J.UCS) was introduced in 1994 and after more than 7 years of operation the service is still up and running. Articles published on the server are categorized in several ways (e.g. in the ACM Classification Scheme) to simplify browsing and finding articles again. Nevertheless users wants to create their own view on the material and their own categories. Traditionally a user creates some categories on the clientside in a bookmark-structure and stores the URIs of the according papers in this structure. But the use of bookmarks binds the user to a specific client on one single machine and so it is not possible to take full advantage of the restructured view. This is just one reason why it is helpful for the user to manage his personal view of the articles on the server-side. In this paper we introduce a personal workspace for registered users of the Journal of Universal Computer Science. It is possible to create and modify a personal view, add some personal and/or public comments of the articles and use the workspace as personal repository of published articles. We also show other advantages like personalized search scope, customization of the order of articles and some other useful features of the system.