In many scientific disciplines proceedings of conferences are essential for scientists and scholars to keep informed about the results of current research. Online accessible conference proceedings are gradually replacing the traditional paper-based proceedings. This paper presents the principles and functioning of P-Web, an online publishing tool for conference proceedings, which aims at supporting the quality of scholarly communication and the scientific process in general. In the context of an ever increasing emphasis on online scientific publishing, P-web can help conference organizers and presenters by making their work available for a wider audience. P-Web can optimize and enhance the findability and reuse of online conference proceedings. P-Web catalogues the conference papers that can be found in the different institutional repositories of the participating authors. P-Web harvests the metadata records from the institutional repositories according to the OAI protocol. Since in this protocol only a minimal metadata set is assumed, enrichment of this set with additional metadata is indispensable. Basic conference details need to be entered by the conference organizers who want their online proceedings to be exposed via P-Web. By enrichment of the harvested metadata set, PWeb is an interface between data providers like institutional repositories and subject-oriented repositories on the one hand and for example awareness services like ISI’s Current Web contents and INFORMS Online on the other. P-Web is both a service provider and an intermediate data provider. It has been developed as an open source product by the Erasmus University Rotterdam and the University of Twente, The Netherlands, within the Digital Academic Repository program (DARE).