Libraries play an important role in disseminating knowledge. This paper presents an overview of the work of one library group, focused on collection of quality free and open access journals, and illustrates how libraries can be more effective in disseminating knowledge and connecting patrons with needed material by working collaboratively on open access and free collections. Also discussed are the few simple steps that publishers can take to facilitate dissemination of journal content through libraries – following standards such as OpenURL and/or DOI to provide for article-level linking, and providing title lists for download with the key metadata libraries need to include content in library collections, such as title, ISSN, fulltext start date, and journal URL. The CUFTS Free! Open Access Collections Group works collaboratively to connect library patrons with quality open access and free resources, ranging from the international Directory of Open Access Journals to locally developed lists such as Open Access Journals, Open Access Magazines, and Canadian Historic Newspapers. CUFTS is the knowledgebase (journal title lists) of reSearcher, a locally developed open source suite of resources. Through CUFTS, the open access and free journals collections are made available through a link resolving service (GODOT), A to Z journal lists, library catalogues and union databases. A file of MARC records for all of the titles is freely available to download, and downloadable spreadsheets are freely available for local collections as well, from