Besides a clear research and archive focus electronic publishing technologies become increasingly important to business application domains to improve the service values for their end users and customers. The specific domains news publishing and news distribution are facing significant performance requirements in information handling while transferring hundreds of thousands of articles daily to their auditorium. Additionally, the business application of electronic publishing technologies in the specific news domain is confronted with the fact that European business today is highly segmented and widely unrecognized beyond national borders, mainly due to language differences and economical gaps. This paper discusses a project that integrates news agency services from existing European organizations supported by University research in the are of electronic publishing, distributed information management and AI in order to form an intelligent multinational and multilingual business news publishing and distribution network, based on Web Services and a peer-to-peer inter-agency communication network. Highly relevant business contents are related to a specific article automatically using AI methods from the research area of information retrieval. Contents are distributed in any language the provider chooses and the vector space model has been utilized to provide easy access to related and most relevant business news articles within a multilingual and multinational context.