Modern Information Society is overwhelmed with steadily raising quantities of information in a continuously integrating digital network involving standard PC, networked mobile devices and individual personal assistants, promising to us the optimum access to all the data we need. On the downside the uncontrolled information amount creates an enormous overload and costs enterprises and individuals money, often in ways that are not easily measured: Costs that result from lowered productivity and from mislead business decisions. To really satisfy user needs and restricted budgets, the myriads of information need to be structured and organized in an intelligent and user-oriented way. Multiple approaches have been followed to integrate heterogeneous information sources and promising research results have been achieved in particular application domains. This paper discusses the area of online news integration by modern service architectures, Web service technologies and the use of artificial intelligence to semantically relate news within an intelligent news retrieval interface engine. OmniPaper has created a multilingual navigation and linking layer on top of distributed information resources to provide a sophisticated way of managing multinational news archives with strong semantic coupling. The research results have been documented in detail in a voluminous project deliverable and the most important findings are outlined in this paper.